Joining the Network

Voting membership is open to FGM/C survivors based in the U.S. as well as individuals and organizations that work on the issue of FGM/C in the United States and are aligned with and committed to supporting the Network’s values. Members are eligible to vote in Network elections, participate in listservs, working groups and discussion groups, serve on the Steering Committee, and attend member-only events. Organizations with multiple members shall appoint one voting representative for the organization.

International member status will be given to to FGM/C survivors who are not based in the U.S., as well as individuals and organizations who are engaged in working on the issue of FGM/C outside the United States. International members must be aligned with and committed to supporting the Network’s values. International members may participate in member listservs, working groups and discussion groups, and attend member-only events.

Prospective members are also strongly encouraged to identify how they will contribute to the work of the network. There is no membership fee.

Membership Review Process

  1. Prospective members will email an application (available on the Network website or from the Network Coordinator) to Network staff. The application includes basic information about the applicant and/or organization, feedback on how the applicant will contribute to the work of the network, and a commitment to the Network’s values (including any feedback on potential concerns or conflicts with the values). Acceptance or feedback on application status will be provided to the applicant within two weeks of receiving the application.
  2. The Network Coordinator will review the application and an organization’s website, if any. Alignment with the Network’s principles/values is critical. Organizations that tie the FGM/C issue to an anti-immigration or religious discrimination agenda are not appropriate members of the Network. If there are no concerns are noted regarding the applicant’s a) eligibility, or b) alignment with Network values, the application will be approved. The Steering Committee shall be kept advised of the names of new members and updated Network membership lists on a timely basis. Any concerns, a recommendation of tabling *, or denial will be submitted to the Steering Committee. After review, a Steering Committee member or the Network Coordinator will reach out to the potential member to discuss any concerns. Based on this conversation, the Steering Committee member or the Network Coordinator will provide a recommendation of acceptance, tabling, or denial of membership to the full Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will vote on any potential members of concern. Decisions will be made by a majority vote.
  1. Should there be irreconcilable disagreement between the Steering Committee Members, the Steering Committee may request feedback from the voting members of the Network for its feedback. The Steering Committee, after considering the advice of the voting membership, will then make the final determination of acceptance, tabling or rejection of the appealed application by a majority vote of the full Steering Committee.
  2. Denial or tabling of membership will be communicated directly to the applicant. Denied members will be offered the opportunity to re-apply should there be a shift in values.
  3. Member organizations may become ineligible for membership if they take actions or reflect views in the future that are not aligned with network values. Should this occur, the same review process will be followed.

* Tabled memberships are those that are postponed pending the completion of an agreed upon action (i.e. change in rhetoric on website, submission of documents, etc.)