Celebrating the Courage and Commitment of Women Fighting to End FGM/C


Posted:  March 11. 2024

As we honor Women’s History Month, let us celebrate the countless exceptional women who have volunteered their time and efforts in the fight against female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). These individuals, from all walks of life, have made significant contributions to raising awareness, providing support, and advocating for policies that aim to end this harmful practice. Their dedication and commitment to the cause have inspired countless others to join the movement and have contributed to positive change in communities worldwide.

I am motivated to fight against FGM/C by the other people I see working hard to end the practice, especially survivors. Hearing stories of people using their trauma to build solidarity with others is inspiring, and I want to use my resources and privilege to aid in the fight together” Dimitra Colovos, volunteer 

I devote my time to end FGM/C because my personal and professional mission is to uplift and empower marginalized women and girls always. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization that serves women who come from countries and communities where FGM/C is prevalent” Doris Mukangu, Steering Committee Member 

I volunteer with the Network because I am passionate about educating US residents, especially legislators and healthcare professionals, about FGM/C. I believe that knowledge is power and I want people to know that not only is this violent, harmful practice being performed on women and girls “in our back yard”, but it’s also preventable. I enjoy contributing to research, funding and programming that supports survivors throughout their lives as they cope with long-term complications associated with FGM/C” Kaitlin Mitchell, volunteer 

“Through my personal and professional experience with FGM/C, I have developed a unique perspective that has fueled my passion to advocate for, educate, engage and empower FGM/C survivors and communities to prevent the occurrence of this harmful practice. My understanding of the ideology behind FGM/C, coupled with my commitment to promoting positive change, enables me to effectively promote awareness and work towards ending this harmful practice” Farduus Ahmed, Steering Committee Member 

Let us not forget the tireless work of all women volunteers, survivors, activists, and advocates who have contributed to this fight. Their collective efforts have helped raise awareness about the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of FGM/C and have helped to provide support to those affected by this practice. As we honor these exceptional women during Women’s History Month, let us also recommit ourselves to supporting and amplifying their voices and working towards a future where all women and girls can live free from the fear of FGM/C.