Our mission is to eliminate FGM/C by connecting, supporting, elevating and advocating on behalf of and with diverse U.S. stakeholders engaged in prevention, education, and care.

We operate on a clear set of values:

1. Deep Collaboration

We engage in thoughtful processes so that all voices can be heard and contribute to our dialogue.

2. Respect

We respect one another’s diverse experiences, ensuring that we honor rather than harm those we serve.

3. Diversity/Inclusion

We hold ourselves accountable to be an inclusive organization that supports diverse members across many dimensions—experiences, ethnicity, services and sectors, and geography. We value grassroots organizations and commit to elevating their voices and empowering their work.

4. Tolerance

We believe in approaching ending FGM/C and differing opinions with understanding, empathy, and sensitivity to prevent discrimination, targeting, blame, and shaming of individuals or communities.

5. Gender Equality Framing

We recognize that FGM/C is an aspect of a complex and interconnected set of issues around gender equality. We seek to frame the issue broadly enough to support lasting change that truly values girls.

6. Action Engagement

We believe that members should ensure that sufficient time and resources are devoted to the goal of ending FGM/C.

7. Survivor-Centered

We are deeply committed to listening to and building on the wisdom of survivors of FGM/C.