Member Highlight: Inter-African Committee


Posted:  November 29. 2020

Tell us about your organization.

Established in 2006 as the U.S. wing of the Inter-African Committee, the guiding principle of IAC-USA is education, in order to bring a positive change of attitude and capacity building of affected communities. Our mission is the promotion of gender equality and contribution to the improvement of the health status, social, economic, political, human rights and quality of life of women and children through elimination of harmful traditional practices (HTPS) and the promotion of beneficial ones, especially in the African communities worldwide.

How is your organization working to end female genital mutilation in the United States?

Through education awareness in order to bring positive change of attitude and capacity building of affected communities through Summer Camp “Vacances Sans Excision/Summer without FGM.”

  • Working with survivors and all the stakeholders
  • Legal reforms at the national level
  • Reconverting FGM practitioners to sensitize and advocate, and become a develop agent in the society.

What are the challenges and opportunities in trying to end female genital mutilation?

Some of challenges we face are getting funding order to achieve the sustainable goals and objectives, collaborating with religious, traditional and community leaders, parents and family members to understand the consequences of FGM so they speak against it.

We can end FGM in the United States because we can enforce and implement laws, protect and support survivors and victims of FGM/C, educate and raise awareness in the diaspora community and create a large network of organizations working to end FGM/C

How is the network helping you to achieve these goals and why is it important to be in the network?

The network helps us by supporting our work, and sharing insights and recommendations to develop an effective strategy to eradicate FGM/C in our communities.

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