Walking The Talk on Engaging Men and Boys in Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)


March 14, 2024    
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Men play a major role in the perpetuation of FGM/C as fathers, husbands, and community/religious leaders. The belief that men support FGM/C alone can represent an important motivating factor influencing women’s behavior vis-à-vis cutting their daughters (UNICEF, 2013). As Kaplan (2013, p. 9) states, ‘In the secret world of women, avoiding discrimination is a powerful motif to perpetuate FGM/C, and this social force must be acknowledged. However, men’s power to influence it should also not be disregarded.’ Being key decision-makers in a family, the voice of men in fighting the practice is very vital. In most cases, when men are informed of the dangers of FGM/C and involved in deciding whether their daughters should undergo FGM/C, daughters are often likely to remain uncut. The silence
of men on the practice has in most cases been interpreted as supportive of the practice. Additionally, the lack of comprehensive information on FGM/C among men and boys has resulted in them accepting change only in principle, but in practice continues to act in ways that encourage a continuation of the practice. Therefore, there is a need to engage more men to highlight the importance of men and boys publicly denouncing the practice and ensuring their commitments are enforced in their families.


Organizer: Men End FGM Foundation

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