Patient Self-Advocacy Tool


RTI International is pleased to announce the launch of a new Patient Advocacy Tool for people who have experienced female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) to use with their healthcare providers. The Patient Advocacy Tool was created to bridge the gap in communication between patients and healthcare providers about FGM/C. Patients who have experienced FGM/C can use this tool during healthcare visits to educate their healthcare providers and advocate for their medical needs. There is both a general and comprehensive version of the tool, and it is available in English, French, and Arabic. The tools are available for free public-use on the U.S. End FGM/C Network website.

The Patient Advocacy Tool was created as part of the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) Addressing FGM/C Training and Technical Assistance Program. The tool was developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, medical experts, and people from communities impacted by FGM/C.

How to use these tools:

Clinics, hospitals, refugee resettlement agencies, and other community-based social service agencies can keep printed copies available for program participants/patients. People who have experienced FGM/C can decide if the general or comprehensive form is better for their intended uses. Completing the forms should be led by the participant/patient; all questions are optional.

General Form: English / French / Arabic 

Comprehensive Form: English / French / Arabic


RTI International, John Hopkins University School of Nursing

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